Accessing Your Heart’s Wisdom

FOCUS At The Heart of the Matter With Valentine’s Day in the air, this month our thoughts turn to love. In fact, in the work I do leading people on transformational journeys, love is the most consistent theme: learning to love the self, finding love, trying to help those we love, deepening love, expressing love. […]

Embodiment Leads to Empowerment

The winds of spring are kicking up, the snow melting, and the light changing.  The earth, long dormant, will soon sprout new growth.  My practice is swelling with individuals seeking their own growth – to improve relationships, create more happiness, experience more love in their lives, actualize their dormant potential.  It’s an exciting, but challenging, […]

Renewal – Becoming More of Who You are Meant to Be

I apologize that I’m late in launching the April newsletter.  After filming this month’s video, the juniper pollen overwhelmed me, and I quickly succumbed to allergic bronchitis. I’ve also been busy moving my riverfront office, with its fair share of logistical challenges, to a more functional, reliable, and spacious office on Aspen Drive. I’m sad […]

Transforming our Inner Critic

This month we explore how to transform our relationship to our “inner critic,” that voice in our head that makes us feel bad when are less than perfect, don’t live up to real or imagined expectations, or disappoint others. Our “inner critic” develops in childhood when we internalize the judgements of our caretakers, teachers, peers, […]

Illuminating the Shadows

Everywhere you look it seems the shadow side of humanity is revealing itself. What used to lie in the dark, shrouded by secrets and denial, is coming to light daily.  Recently, former presidential candidate Andrew Yang’s wife Evelyn courageously shared her experience of sexual assault by her OBGYN.  Her doctor violated numerous patients, lost his […]

The Power of Doodling

I love to doodle. To me, doodling is aimless, playful, unconscious fun. Time to shift out of “to-do” mode and into “let loose” mode. For years, my doodles were in pen-and-ink on the corner of notebook pages executed during boring lectures, but over time they’ve become bolder, more outrageous, more colorful, and more life enhancing. […]